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“Legacy is built not by what we achieve but through those we inspire to achieve.”

~ Sherrie Barch


Sherrie is excited to be one of the trailblazing women featured in Unstoppable. Unified by their shared commitment to healthcare, America’s most essential industry, Unstoppable is an inspiring book that highlights the extraordinary journeys and achievements of 9 remarkable women.

Ring To Remember
Heaven's Bell Book and Ring To Remember Journal

Heaven’s Bell and Ring To Remember Journal

None of us are good with death. It is a difficult and painful topic full of emotions we want to avoid. Instead, let Heaven’s Bell and the Ring to Remember journal unlock opportunities to honor the loved ones you miss. With this companion set, Sherrie Barch uses her gift of storytelling to create a safe space for families to share their love and memories as they grieve together. 

What Readers are Saying About Heaven’s Bell & Ring To Remember

“This wonderfully touching story is a must read. I was immediately pulled into the story of Cody and Ashley and hung on every word. For anyone who has lost someone or for those of us who have or will be providing comfort, invite them to embrace Heaven’s Bell.”  – Joe M. – Amazon Review

Beautifully written! Great for any age, and especially younger kids and teens. Our daughter (17) lost a friend 6 months ago to suicide and said it was comforting to imagine heaven that way, for all our loved ones.❤️🔔 Would highly recommend!”  – Jayne S. – Amazon Review

As a clinical social worker for over 30 years, this a great story to help during the grieving process. It is an easy story for children to understand and be able to relate with. It is just as beneficial for adults. I read Heaven’s Bell six weeks after my father died and has forever changed how I envision my loved ones who have died and are in heaven.”  – Kevin P. – Amazon Review

Though all would be comforted by this powerful, yet simple, story, it is a sorely needed addition to literature about grieving for children. Heaven’s Bell provides a graceful and loving entry into some of the most difficult conversations about loss. Since reading Sherrie’s story, whenever I think or speak of those I have lost, I imagine the bells that Barch brings to life. A wonderful gift for families.”  – Brooke – Amazon Review

About Sherrie

Sherrie is the CEO of two Forbes’ ranked top executive search firms and a leadership consulting company. An expert in the areas of leadership, team development, and diversity, her forward-thinking approach to work was recognized when she was chosen to participate in the ‘altMBA” program designed and led by leadership guru Seth Godin. Born and raised in Northern Illinois, Sherrie earned B.A. and M.A. degrees in Communication from Western Illinois University.